Kingdom People – Unattainable Purity
September 20, 2020

Kingdom People – Unattainable Purity

Passage: Matthew 5:8
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Kingdom people are continually transparent with God about the impurity of their heart and that leads to godly repentance and therefor cleansing.

Why is it important that the heart is pure? What is the main problem that gets in our way from a pure heart? How does a kingdom person become pure? What is a kingdom person's source of mercy and purity?

Please download the pdf worksheet study guide for this lesson: KOG Pt 10 Kingdom People-Unattainable Purity.pdf, in “Notes”, below.

We apologize for the quality of the video going out of focus off and on, and some cut-out of audio. We thought we had this solved, so we are working on it again.


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